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Day night blinds are a double bracket roller blind allowing you to have both a full blockout blind and a sunscreen blind on the one window. Blockout blinds allow you to have complete privacy in the evening and also the advantage during the hotter months the ability to cool your home by insulating your windows at the same time. Sunscreen blinds also allow you to have your privacy during the day whilst cutting out the suns glare. This system is becoming a very popular choice for Australian homes.

Double bracket systems are easily installed and the brackets are available in white, ivory and black.

The design has been developed to conveniently fit two blinds onto one bracket, giving you the dual benefits of a sunscreen blind and a block-out blind on one window. You save on space without the concern of installing two, seperate blinds.

We use the best available aluminium roll tube on our roller blinds, with internal strengthening ribs for rigidity. We prevent any chance of the roll tube bowing or bending which means your blinds wont end up with wavy fabric or creases. These specifications are the highest in the industry.
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Sunscreen Colours

Blockout Colours


Minimum width: 250mm
Minimum drop: 250mm
Maximum width: 2500mm
Maximum drop: 3000mm

Maximum area: 8 square metres
Flush mounting space required for inside mount: 91.6mm for standard installation and 121.6mm for front roll & combination roll installations.

Double brack dimensions

Double bracket used

Please note: The maximum measurements are strongly recommended and should not be exceeded. If mounting conditions could prove to be difficult even these dimensions should be reconsidered. If in doubt about your personal situation or skills feel free to contact us and get free, impartial advice on what would be prudent.

Standard Features

Operation- Chain operated roller blind. Choice of left or right hand controls
Side Hems - No Side Hems
Bottom Rail - Teaspoon shaped base bar with end caps
Chain - Continuous loop chain - (no joiner)
Spring Assist - Our over 2000mm wide have a spring-assistance to enable you to lift heavier blinds more easily.
Fabric Rolling Direction - Back rolled Front rolling available upon request (no additional charge)
Installation - All necessary brackets and screws are supplied free of charge
30 day satisfaction guarantee - (conditions apply)
Limited lifetime warranty - (conditions apply)

For blinds up to 2100mm wide we use 40mm aluminium roll tube.

For blinds widths between 2100mm and 2600mm we use 45mm aluminium roll tube.

For blinds greater than 2600mm wide we use 45mm heavy duty roll tube

Blinds Blinds Blinds has strategic partnership with Mermet to bring you the most extensive range of technically advanced fabrics available. Mermet's two fabric collections offer Fibreglass based fabrics.

All our blinds are cut using the latest crush cutting technology to prevent frayed and wavy edges. We believe that this method of manufacture brings you the best possible Sunscreen Blinds available.

Standard Install - both back rolled

Combination Roll Install - rear blind is back rolled, front blind is rolled