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Why roller blinds?

Roller blinds in different disguises have been available as window furnishings for more than eighty years. Today’s roller blind is a very attractive window product and if fitted with good quality chain winder mechanisms are very easy and efficient to operate. With a gearing ratio of 1:1, a roller blind can easily be lifted or…


Why use Vertical Blinds?

In the homes of today, do you realise how versatile are vertical blinds? They are often considered as an 80’s product, but they still are very relevant and functional in today’s new houses. Typically, most homes built now will have a family room with large windows that include a sliding door. There is no product…


Why use Double Blinds (Day / Night Blinds) ?

Day/Night blinds (D/N) or Double Blinds, as they are sometimes described, are commonly installed in today’s homes. D/N are two blinds – one with blockout fabric and one with screen or semi translucent fabric. Many windows will have a screen blind installed to reduce the effects of the sun or to minimise glare, whilst still…