Why roller blinds?

Roller blinds in different disguises have been available as window furnishings for more than eighty years.

Today’s roller blind is a very attractive window product and if fitted with good quality chain winder mechanisms are very easy and efficient to operate. With a gearing ratio of 1:1, a roller blind can easily be lifted or lowered over the height of the window (on average 2.0 metres high)

  • If the blind is large, (in width or square metre area) a spring device is embedded in the roller tube. This assists with the raising or lowering of the blind, which may be heavy but can feel light to operate.
  • There is a large range of fabrics, textures and colours available for roller blinds which will coordinate and enhance any colour scheme in today’s homes.
  • The versatility of a roller blind ensures that it can be installed on the face (or architrave) of a window or in the recess. The mechanism and tube of the blind is small enough for the roller blind to fit into the bulkhead of a lowered ceiling. This will give the effect of the blind coming out of the ceiling.
  • Roller blinds can also be easily motorised with many different methods of operation – remote or otherwise.

Although Roller blinds have been in existence for a long time, they are still very much today the most popular form of window coverings in modern homes.