Why use Double Blinds (Day / Night Blinds) ?

Day/Night blinds (D/N) or Double Blinds, as they are sometimes described, are commonly installed in today’s homes.

D/N are two blinds – one with blockout fabric and one with screen or semi translucent fabric. Many windows will have a screen blind installed to reduce the effects of the sun or to minimise glare, whilst still being able to look outside. But some of these windows will also need a blockout blind to achieve, at times, privacy, darkness (during the day) or security.

Two separate blinds may be installed on one window, but that requires two installations and sometimes it is neither practical nor possible to do this.

D/N blinds have the two separate blinds fitted onto the same single pair of brackets and can be a recess or a face installation. Each blind can be operated independently and do not interfere with the operation of the other blind. At the appropriate time the screen blind can be down (in operation) to minimise sun and glare whilst allowing a view outside. At other times the blockout blind can be down to create privacy, darkness or security.

The single pair of brackets fit neatly onto most windows and can be colour co-ordinated to match the décor of the room or the blinds

Double blinds can be motorised for easy operation and the brackets (top of the blinds) can be concealed behind a box pelmet or padded pelmet.

But both these refinements are the story for another day …..