Why use Vertical Blinds?

In the homes of today, do you realise how versatile are vertical blinds?

They are often considered as an 80’s product, but they still are very relevant and functional in today’s new houses.
Typically, most homes built now will have a family room with large windows that include a sliding door. There is no product so suitable to cover these windows as a vertical blind. Other products may have to be split into three or four blinds and still make access through the sliding door cumbersome or insecure.

  • By contrast, a vertical blind can be made as one product (blind) spanning up to, say 4.5 metres in width.
    Control and operation is by means of a strong fibre glass wand which can both rotate the louvres and draw them back from one side of the window.
  • These blinds are commonly installed to allow easy access through a sliding door. From the inside the blind is drawn back from the sliding door. The door is then opened and the householder steps through to the outside, reaching in to close the blind back across the door. The door is then locked and the premises are secure with vision to the interior denied by the closed louvres. From the outside the reverse procedure is followed to allow access inside.
  • Vertical blinds easily control sunlight by means of the wand and there are many different types of operation and application that will achieve the desired effect on most windows.
    This is why vertical blinds are installed by most builders and householders today.