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Vertical blinds can be one of the most flexible shading option of any window furnishings. The blades can rotate a full 180 degrees and also traverse across the headrail to any position required.

Available in full blockout, the vertical blinds can be a great form of modernizing your home and is perfect for large spans of glass and sliding doors.

The blade width is 127mm.

Vertical blinds come with chainless weights and wand operation.

Your Blinds Blinds Blinds vertical blinds are tailor-made to exactly meet your most particular selection requirements.

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Minimum width: 250mm
Minimum drop: 250mm
Maximum width: 3300mm * see note below for wider requirements
Maximum drop: 5000mm

Blade width: 127mm
Maximum area: 8 square metres
Flush mounting space required for inside mount: 70mm

We do not recommend tracks wider than 3300mm as they can easily get damaged in transit. Our recommendation for wider windows is to split the vertical into 2 giving the impression of 1 blind.

Please note: The maximum measurements are strongly recommended and should not be exceeded. If mounting conditions could prove to be difficult even these dimensions should be reconsidered. If in doubt about your personal situation or skills feel free to contact us and get free, impartial advice on what would be prudent.